PeniMaster® Frequently Asked Questions


Below are the main questions we get asked about PeniMaster® and PeniMaster® Pro from men who are interested to use for penis enlargement, peyronies disease or penile straightening purposes. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us anytime, day or night.



FAQ Summary (click on any question or scroll down):

  1. Where will my order be posted from?
  2. How long will it take to receive my order?
  3. When can I start seeing results?
  4. How much use is need for PeniMaster® Pro results?
  5. I’ve considered surgery. How does PeniMaster work?®
  6. What PeniMaster® Pro results can I expect?
  7. How does penile traction help straighten penis curvature?
  8. Are PeniMaster® results only when soft/flaccid?
  9. Will I need to keep using?
  10. Does it work for uncircumcised men?
  11. What is the minimum size to use?
  12. Will it work for older men?
  13. Will it affect erection hardness or quality?
  14. Will my normal sexual activities be affected?
  15. Which PeniMaster® package is best for me?



1) Question: Where will my order be posted from?

Answer: All orders placed on this website are express posted from within Australia.

2) Question: How long will it take to receive my order?

Answer: If you live within Australia please allow 1 to 2 days for express delivery. If you live outside of Australia please allow 3 to 5 days for express delivery.

3) Question: When can I start seeing results?

Answer: This depends how often you use. Many customers who use daily report seeing results after 5 to 7 days of use.

4) Question: How much use is needed for PeniMaster® results?

Answer: For faster results we recommend to aim for 2 to 8 hrs, 5 days a week. Quite simply, the more the better. This can be achieved with any package, however it becomes easy to see the advantage of the PeniMaster® Pro Complete system as it’s suitable to be used while sleeping due to the comfort belt system.

We must also expand on this answer, because you do not have to use for 2 hrs a day to see noticeable results. Some of our customers only have time to use for a few hours a day on weekends and still report decent results. Simply use according to your lifestyle and use whenever you have the free time. Penimaster Pro has been clinically tested and proven, to view the study results click here. Back to FAQ summary

5) Question: I’ve considered surgery. How does PeniMaster® work?

Answer: Our products work using a scientific and medically proven principal called traction. It has been used in various areas in the medical field such as surgery, orthopedics and physical therapy for over 60 years.

Some Examples

In fact, there are devices such as the Llizarov apparatus which use traction to successfully promote reshaping and lengthening of bones. They can even be used to make people taller. See below for extracts of an article:

Gavriil Ilizarov, an orthopedic surgeon from Russia, is credited with inventing the external fixator — a limb-lengthening device that manually pulls apart bone to increase a patient’s height….The body’s natural healing process fills in the gap with bone tissue, thus lengthening the limb

Source: Scientific American – A history of limb lengthening

When an understanding of how adaptable the human body can be to external stimuli, using a precision device to naturally encourage the body to grow the penis longer or thicker is no longer far fetched at all.

How It Works

PeniMaster® and PeniMaster® Pro first gently stretches the flaccid (soft) penis and suspensory ligament to it’s natural maximum size (around 900 grams is used). Secondly, it will work within the optimal tension range to induce cell division, or in other words, penis growth. It is not simply a matter of stretching the penile shaft, it is matter of applying precise and constant tension within the optimal range to induce new growth.

Surgery Comparison

The suspensory ligament is the same one that gets cut in procedures such as penile lengthening surgery. However, results from that procedure are only noticed when flaccid (soft). It is clear to see when using our products, the penis slowly and gently grows in overall volume not just length. Results are also seen when both flaccid (soft) and erect. When considering the risks of surgery (nerve damage, inability to gain erections, scarring etc.) and the very high cost, we feel the choice is very easy.

PeniMaster Penis Extender and penis enlarger

The very important point to realise when using traction for penis enlargement or penile straightening i.e. penile traction therapy (PTT), is the very narrow range of tension that should be used to promote the safest and most effective results. The PeniMaster® and PeniMaster® Pro are specially calibrated to function within this optimal range. Back to FAQ summary

6) Question: What PeniMaster® Pro results can I expect?

Answer: The Penimaster Pro has undergone clinical trial testing. It was found that men can reasonably expect a 0.4 inch increase each  month of use. This equates to approx 1.2 inches or 3cm of growth for every 3 months of use.

It’s important to note that results can vary between users due to various biological and lifestyle traits. Most dedicated users are able to repeat those results and some even gain more. Results are highly determined by correct tension levels being used and overall usage and hours put in. Back to FAQ summary

7) Question: How does penile traction help straighten penis curvature?

Answer: More severe cases of penile curvature such as peyronie’s disease is usually caused by a plaque buildup on the penis shaft. By using a properly calibrated penile traction device (normally at lower tensions than for penis enlargement) this plaque can be gently stretched or “loosened up” which may assist in the body’s normal ability to break it down more effectively.Additionally, new penis growth will also help promote healthier and straighter overall penis structure shape. The method of penile traction therapy when correctly administered, is very helpful for those who have may already lost penile length due to curvature related conditions. Penimaster Pro has been clinically tested and proven, to view the study results click here. Back to FAQ summary

8) Question: Are PeniMaster® results only when soft/flaccid?

Answer: PeniMaster® and PeniMaster® Pro is only used when the penis is in the flaccid (soft) state, but the results are promoted when both flaccid and erect. Back to FAQ summary

9) Question: Will I need to keep using?

Answer: Once you have used to achieve your desired goal there will be no need to keep using. The new penis growth will remain. Back to FAQ summary

10) Question: Does it work for uncircumcised men?

Answer: Our products work for both circumcised and uncircumcised men. Back to FAQ summary

11) Question: What is the minimum size to use?

Answer: Either the erect, or soft fully stretched penis should be at least 3 inches (7.5cm) when using PeniMaster, and 2 inches (5cm) when using PeniMaster Pro. Back to FAQ summary

12) Question: Will it work for older men?

Answer: PeniMaster and PeniMaster® Pro is suitable for men of all ages. What advantages younger men may have biologically, older men usually make up for due to having more dedication or time to use. Back to FAQ summary

13) Question: Will it affect erection hardness or quality?

Answer: None of our customers have ever reported an negative erection effects. In fact, penile traction therapy has shown to have a positive impact on erection quality in many users. Back to FAQ summary

14) Question: Will my normal sexual activities be affected?

Answer:  Normal sexual activities are encouraged while using our products. Back to FAQ summary

15) Question: Which PeniMaster® package is best for me?

Answer: If you are confident you will use PeniMaster® with dedication with  to achieve the results you want, any of our packages will be suitable. If budget is a factor we recommend the PeniMaster® penis extender because it can be upgraded later on. If you are an experienced penis extender user or have tried other penile traction products that have turned out to be too uncomfortable to gain any decent results we highly recommend the PeniMaster® Pro package.

If you simply want the best we have to offer and want to use as much as possible (including while you sleep and while in public) which will promote the best results possible, we recommend the PeniMaster® Pro Complete package. Back to FAQ summary


Further Information

If you have any questions that were not answered in the above PeniMaster® FAQ, please visit our packages summary or contact us anytime day or night and we’ll be happy to assist.